Obie the gecko in his tank

We’re a group of Atlantic Canada-based pet lovers.

Making our planet a greener, more sustainable place is important to us, and we know it’s important to you too.

There is an increasing global demand on the world’s diminishing protein supply. As global populations swell and, fish stocks decrease and the cost of producing land-based protein increases, we humans are using more protein than ever. Filling the escalating need for protein (not just at the dinner table, but at all levels of the food chain, from aquaculture feed to livestock rearing) is threatening our fragile resources through overfishing and unsustainable farming practices. Not to mention, there is considerable waste left behind.

From our Halifax, Nova Scotia base, we want to contribute nutritious protein into the system sustainably and we believe the Black Soldier Fly Larvae is a great ally in confronting the global protein shortage. The amazing power of this insect is in its ability to consume almost any organic waste, including what’s in your green bin and rapidly grown into protein-rich Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

We use a proprietary process to turn organic waste into a stable, safe, healthy feed for our worms.

Oh, and our pet gecko Obie loves them!