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How can the BSFL be used as a different animal feed source?

As a pet lover, you may be curious about how the larvae of insects, more specifically BSFL, can be used in your pet ...

Black Soldier Fly Larvae — The Science!

The Black Soldier Fly isn’t just a reptile food that’s environmentally-friendly, toxin-free, and a sustainable source of high-value nutrients with a low environmental impact — it’s also a really cool bug!

Obie's Worms Black Soldier Fly Life Cycle

Have you every wondered about the life cycle of your pet's favourite live feeder? We often get questions about why Ob...

Holiday Order Deadlines

With the holiday season approaching, we wanted to let you know about our order deadlines for shipped orders and loc...

Harvest Day Sale!!

Use discount code: OBIESHARVEST at checkout and receive 25% off of your order!

Changes To Our Local Pick Up Option

We wanted to let you know about some changes coming to our local pick up option. As of November 14, 2020 you will not...

Obie's Subscriptions

We've made it easier for you to get your Obie's Worms. You can now subscribe to Obie's Worms and get BSFL delivered on a schedule that works for you, without the hassle of ordering every time you need them.

Shipping Obie's Worms

We get a lot of questions about shipping Obie’s Worms, including why we only ship on Mondays, and why sometimes the s...

BSFL Insect Frass Tea For Your Garden

BSFL Frass tea is a great way to give your plants and garden a mid-season boost. 

Why Is Calcium Important for Reptiles?

Calcium is key for your reptile’s bone growth, metabolism, muscle function. Find out how Obie's BSLF stack up against other live feeders.

Choosing A Worm Size

If you're wondering what size BSFL to get for your pet, our guide should help you find the ideal worm for your insectivore.

How to Keep Worms Active

When kept moist, cool and fed, Obie’s worms have a shelf life of up to two weeks!
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