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Obie's Friends

Quilliam - Obie's Worms

Quilliam is Obie’s little brother, an African Pygmy hedgehog. He’s the second insectivore to join our Oberland family. Quilliam came from Apple Valley Hedgehogs in Granville Ferry NS. 

As part of the Oberland family, Quilliam has been offered live feeders from 8 weeks old and is a voracious Obie’s Worms hunter. He prefers the larvae stage over the pupae or fly stage, but also likes a dusting of Obie’s Boost on his kibble.

An adult hedgehog, depending on their activity  level, can eat 5 - 10 Obie’s Worms a day. 


Chrestiana - Obie's Worms

Chrestiana is a recent addition to the Oberland family, she is less than a year old. She is a delightful crested gecko, bred by Gecko Meister here in Nova Scotia.

Chrestiana is an amazing huntress and her affinity for Obie’s Worms started from 8 weeks old.

She enjoys spending time on Oberland laptops and has great aim to jump onto the camera mid-Zoom video calls. She started eating Obie’s size “small” and at 13 cm long now enjoys hunting “mediums”. She’s not yet able to devour larges, which makes Quilliam happy because he doesn’t like to share.

You can find pictures of Chrestiana on Quilliam’s Instagram quilliamhedgy.  

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