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About Obie's

What Are Obie's Worms?

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Obie’s Worms are black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illuciens) that provide insectivore owners with a highly nutritious and healthy pet food. Obie’s Worms are sustainably produced in Halifax, Nova Scotia and are available for shipping Canada-wide.

How are Obie’s different from Reptiworms™, Phoenix Worms® and Calciworms®?

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All of these trademarked products offer the same species of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illuciens) — the difference in each of these products is in how the fly larvae are produced and what they’re fed. Obie’s Worms are a truly efficient source of protein, produced sustainably and locally, using safe, processed organic material as a feedstock.


How does Obie’s Worms grow sustainable feeder insects?

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Oberland Agriscience is a sustainably focussed company, aligning with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  We strive to be a zero waste facility and we source local pre-consumer organic waste as our feed stock. For example, we use spent grains from local breweries as feed for our Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Our result is a sustainably grown, nutritious staple for our insectivore pets and yours.

How is Obie’s Worms committed to saving the planet?

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With our planet facing a critical protein shortage, we found ourselves looking for an opportunity to produce high quality protein more sustainably.  Protein from our black soldier fly larvae has applications in pet food, poultry feed and aquaculture feed, markets we want to provide with a sustainable alternate protein. We launched Obie’s Worms as a branch of Oberland to deliver  high quality staple food for insectivores, directly to you with online sales, but also through distribution partnerships with Canadian pet stores.  We believe the insects you feed your pets should come from Canada.

Sustainable Shipping

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We are taking steps to use more sustainable products for packing and shipping. We have shifted to compostable, recycled paper padded envelopes for your shipments and are seeking alternates to plastic packaging for Obie’s Worms.

You may also notice that your Obie’s Worms doesn’t always come in branded packaging. That’s because we’re trying to move away from using unnecessary stickers and paper, once you’ve been introduced to the brand, we sure the quality product will keep you coming back.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

What are Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

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The Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) is a common subtropical fly of the family Stratiomyidae, the adult flies are up to 18–20 mm in length.  The larvae  (Black Soldier Fly Larvae  or BSFL) are a great supplement for animal feeds, as feeders for owners of insectivores, or as compost boosting grubs. They are very high in protein (~50% dry weight) and store high levels of calcium which makes them beneficial to reptiles in particular. The true power of this insect lies in the ability of the larvae to consume almost any kind of organic waste — and they are a great ally in confronting both the global food waste crisis and the world’s looming protein shortage.

How do I care for and store my live insect feeders?

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You can store Obie’s Worms at room temperature for up to 2 weeks with care to keep them moist and fed.  To extend their shelf life, keep Obie’s Worms slightly cool (10–15 ºC / 50–6 ºF) and moisten frequently.  DO NOT store your worms in the freezer or refrigerator.

Obie’s Worms wiggle but as long as you keep the permeable lid sealed, you won’t have any escapees! Motionless worms may just need a warm water rinse or a little warming up — place them in your hand or under a heat source like a warm light bulb and you should see them spring back into action.

For more information about keeping your Obie’s worms active, click here.

What are the worms packed in?

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Our worms come packed in a mix of coconut coir, coffee grinds and when added moisture is needed for longer distance shipping, agar cubes.

Will Obie’s Worms be smelly?

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Obie’s Worms may have an earthy smell at first from being cooped up in their container for shipping, but with our well ventilated covers, the smell will dissipate from the container. 


Some of my worms are different colours, should I be worried?

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No, there is a natural variation in colour from light tan through to dark brown. Larger dark brown or black worms may move more slowly as they’re transferring into their pre-pupae stage. These darker worms eventually transform into pupae and several weeks later emerge as adult flies. BSFL are edible by your insectivore at all stages in their life cycle.

BSFL Nutrition

What is Obie’s Worms nutritional reptile food profile?

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Our Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illuciens)  are naturally very high in calcium at >3000 ppm and have a Calcium to Phosphorus (Ca:P) ratio of 1.25:1 which is great for insectivores. Our BSFL are also 50% protein (dry weight) and contain all the essential nutrients your insectivore needs.

Our 100% BSFL dried products, Obie’s Nibbles, Boost and Crunch are great topper to your insectivore’s feed, giving a nutrient, calcium and protein boost to any meal.

Why does my pet need Obie’s Worms?

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Our insectivore friends need calcium for bone health, just like humans and other mammals. Insectivores typically have a high dietary calcium requirement so supplements and calcium dusting are often needed when feeding other insects to keep your pet from suffering calcium deficiency. At >3000 ppm calcium, Obie’s Worms provides all the staple calcium your pet needs from her food. 

It is also important that the calcium boost comes with Phosphorus for proper absorption, so with a Ca:P ratio of 1.25:1, Obie’s Worms is a healthy source of absorbable calcium.

Can I feed my pet Obie’s worms as a staple feeder insect?

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Obie’s Worms are great for all small and large insectivores, whether they are reptiles, amphibians, birds or mammals. Lizards, snakes, frogs, even spiders and hedgehogs thrive on Obie’s Worms as a staple food or as a daily treat.

BSFL Feeding Guidelines

Do I need to gut-load my Obie’s Worms?

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No. Obie’s Worms are naturally calcium rich, nutrient rich and packed with protein. They’re a perfect, naturally-balanced staple for your pet and do not need to be gut loaded.

Do I need to dust my Obie’s Worms?

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No. Obie’s Worms are so nutritious with such a natural balance, your pet won’t require supplementation — saving you from having to buy expensive dusting supplements. They’re the only live feeder worm with such an excellent calcium to phosphorus ratio.

How many worms do I feed my insectivore?

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Feeding guidelines vary depending  on the type and age of your  insectivore. Examples of recommended feeding guidelines are below. Tailor them to your individual pet’s appetite and size.

Bearded Dragon
A healthy adult bearded dragon may eat around 10 worms per day. 20 worms every other day is also a great way to feed them Obie’s Worms.

Your hedgy will like the hunt and can have 5-6 Obie’s Worms per day.

Crested Gecko
Size your Obie’s Worms to the width of your crestie’s head (smalls when they are young, mediums when adult), and feed 3-4 worms every 3 days.

Leopard Gecko
Adult leopard geckos may eat up to 6 worms every second day, though appetites vary greatly depending on how they were introduced to live feeders.

How do I feed my pet Obie’s Worms?

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Rinse the Obie’s Worms in warm water and place them in a feeder bowl or let them loose in your pet’s tank. They’re wiggly and they taste great, and their quick movement will stimulate the appetites of even the finickiest eaters. 

There is no need to gut load your Obie’s Worms or dust them with calcium, they are nutritionally complete on their own.

How do I choose a worm size?

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Obie’s Worms come in three convenient sizes. 

The small worms weighing 50 mg on average are best for hatchlings, small frogs, spiders and other small species. 

The medium worms weighing approximately 100 mg each are ideal for newts, medium frogs and toads, adolescent lizards, small chameleons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, axolotls and young hedgehogs. 

Large worms weighing over 175 mg each are for bearded, frilled and water dragons, skinks, large chameleons, any larger lizard species and adult hedgehogs.

Will my pet eat these?

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Some insectivores are finicky eaters. Most will swallow their prey whole and tend to ignore anything that doesn’t move. At room temperature, Obie’s Worms are the perfect wiggly staple to catch your pet’s attention. Obie’s Worms are great for lizards, snakes, frogs, even spiders and hedgehogs. If you or your pet are unsatisfied with your purchase, email us, we want your feedback.

Obie's Dried Ground BSFL

Are there any additives in your dried ground BSFL?

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No. Our dried ground BSFL products  are made from  100% dried black soldier fly larvae. They naturally provide protein, calcium and phosphorus to your pet’s diet.

What are the differences between Crunch, Nibbles & Boost?

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These treats all contain the same ingredient (100% dried, ground black soldier fly larvae), the only difference is the way we grind them up. 

Crunch: Coarse grind that’s perfect for adding to your pet’s food or a snack on it’s own.

Nibble: Medium grind that’s perfect on top of your pet’s food for added nutrition or for large aquarium fish.

Boost: Fine grind and great for dusting greens or their favourite treat food.

How much should I add to my insectivore’s main food?

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This is dependent on the nutrient profile of your main food. Obie’s Worms, and the dried versions Nibbles, Boost and Crunch are nutritionally complete. If your main food is also nutritionally complete, swap out equal volume of feed for the boost, so the overall amount consumed stays the same.

Can I use dried ground BSFL as fish food?

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Yes! Fish love dried BSFL! Just add our Nibbles (or Boost for smaller fish) to your aquarium as you would any other fish food.

Oberland's BSFL Frass

What is BSFL Frass?

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noun: frass
Fine powdery refuse or fragile perforated wood produced by the activity of boring insects; the excrement of insect larvae.

BSFL Frass is a naturally derived specialty fertilizer from BSFL castings. It gives household plants, home gardens, lawns and greenhouses an extra boost of nitrogen and fosters a beneficial soil biome.

Is Oberland’s BSFL Frass safe?

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Oberland Frass is safe to use and poses no health risks. Frass is also safe for use around ponds and waterways.  Oberland Frass is CFIA approved under the speciality fertilizer classification. 

Like any fertilizer or soil amendment, be careful not to inhale or ingest while applying it to your plants and lawn.

Does your BSFL Frass have chitin?

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Yes. Oberland Frass is the castings from our black soldier fly larvae rearing operations. These castings have nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (4:1:1) and also have insect proteins present, such as chitin, which induce healthy immune responses in plants.  

Where can I use Frass?

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Frass can be used on indoor and outdoor plants, gardens, lawns and in greenhouses. BSFL Frass is especially helpful for garden plants such as tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers, and peppers.

Is Frass safe for pet areas?

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Frass is perfectly safe to use in areas your pet frequents

What is the shelf life of Frass, and how should I store it?

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The shelf life of frass is over one year if stored in a dry place.

How do I use frass?

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For best results, pre-mix frass into your soil or compost. The amount of frass needed will vary depending on your application:

Lawn, Garden & Raised Beds: Mix in 1 kg of frass per 10m2  soil in lawns and gardens. 

Potted Plants: Apply 1-2 tbsp per potted plant twice a year for best results.

Herbs: Use 1 tsp per herb twice a year. Be careful not to overuse frass in herb plants as they are delicate.

Shipping & Returns

I have a question before I order, who do I contact?

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If you have a question before you order, feel free to send us an email and we’ll help you out.

My coupon code doesn’t work.

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Having problems with your coupon/promo code? Check whether any of these apply to you:

You already used the code: Some of our coupon & promo codes are only valid for one use per customer. 

The items in your cart are not eligible: Sometimes we offer coupon codes that only apply to certain items in our store. Make sure you are ordering the correct products for the coupon code.

The code has been entered incorrectly: Make sure you’ve entered the coupon code exactly as it is written on our website, social media or in an email you received. 

The code has expired: Most of our coupon codes only run for a limited time. Check to make sure the code is still valid when you use it.

If you’re still having trouble with your coupon code, email us and we’ll look into it for you. It’s helpful if you attach a screenshot of your shopping cart that shows the promo code and all items in your bag.

Please note: You can only use one coupon/promo code per order. While we’d love to give you as many coupons as we can, it’s the system, not us. 

Do you offer a subscription for Obie’s Worms?

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We currently don’t offer a subscription for Obie’s Worms, but it is something we’re looking into for the future. If you’d be interested in using this service, let us know.

Can I change my order after it’s been placed?

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Unfortunately we cannot make changes to your order after it has been placed. 

Where do you ship your products?

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We currently only ship Obie’s Worms products within Canada. 

What shipping carriers do you use?

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We offer Canada Post Xpresspost or Expedited shipping as our primary shipping options. 

Can I choose a different shipping carrier?

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For provinces west of Ontario we currently offer a flat rate FedEx 2 Day shipping option as Canada Post cannot currently guarantee delivery. If you’re worried about your Obie’s Worms taking longer to arrive, we recommend this shipping option.

How much is shipping?

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All shipping rates are calculated at checkout. We ship via Canada Post and FedEx from Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

When will my order ship?

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We currently fulfill and ship orders Monday to ensure your Obie’s worms arrive alive and fresh.

During spring and summer months (April - September), if you order after Monday afternoon and are in the Atlantic provinces (NS, NB, PE), we can ship your order out on Wednesday.

We generally do not ship orders on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. 

What is your Shipping Policy?

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We guarantee live delivery of our products and we always ship a little extra! You will receive a tracking number when we ship your order so you can keep an eye on your delivery. 

What if there is a shipping delay?

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Obie’s Worms can survive up to 2 – 3 weeks in room temperature and longer in cooler temperatures. Shipping delays should not present a problem, but they are largely out of our control. 

Can I change or cancel my order after it has been shipped?

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No, unfortunately we cannot make any changes or cancel orders after they have been shipped. 

Are Obie’s Worms available locally?

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We offer a free pick-up option at our Obie’s Worms location in Halifax (10 Ragged Lake Blvd, Unit 9) on Mondays and Wednesdays. Select the free pick-up option at checkout and we will get your order ready as soon as possible. Please wait for a confirmation that your order is ready for pickup before arriving.  Orders will be in the fridge inside our main entrance or in our outside mailbox.

Obie’s Worms are also available at the following pet stores in the Halifax area:

- PetValu Lower Sackville

- PetValu Elmsdale

- PetValu Cole Harbour

- Pet Valu Spryfield

See our store locator for more stores carrying Obie's throughout Canada.

How will you keep the live worms warm when shipping during winter months?

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We do our best to ensure Obie’s Worms arrive safely to you. We will add extra insulation and a heat pack to your order (free of charge) during colder months. However, we cannot guarantee your order will not freeze during transit.

Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to mark your package to be held at a Canada Post location. Packages delivered by Canada Post may be left in your personal mailbox, community mailbox or your door step and we cannot guarantee your order will not freeze during winter months.

Wholesale Orders

Do you sell Obie's Worms wholesale for pet stores?

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We currently offer all our products for wholesale. If you are interested in carrying our products in your store, please contact us for a current price list and samples.

Obie's Rewards

How Do I Join?

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You’ll automatically be signed up for our rewards program when you create an account on our store. 

If you were a member or our previous loyalty program, your points and available rewards have been automatically switched over so you don’t have to do anything.

How do I earn points?

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You’ll automatically earn 10 Obie’s Rewards Points for every $1 you spend (before tax & shipping). 

How do I view my point balance?

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To view your points, just click on the Obie’s Rewards icon at the bottom right of your screen while you’re on our website. If you’re already logged into your account, your points balance will show up automatically. If not, just click the “Log In” button.

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?

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Nope! Earn as many points as you like! You don’t need to redeem points as rewards are available, you can hold onto your points to earn larger rewards. But remember, our highest reward amount is currently $50 off and you can’t use more than one reward code per order.

What rewards do I get with my points?

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500 Points = $5 off

1000 Points = $10 off

2500 Points = $25 off

5000 Points = $50 off

Why are my points not showing up on my account?

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You must be logged into your account when you place your order for your points to be applied.

Reward points are not applied to your account until your order has been shipped. It may take up to 24 hours after your shipping notification has been sent for you to see points on your account. 

Still not seeing your points? Send us a quick email.

Do reward points expire?

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You don’t have to worry about your Obie’s Rewards Points expiring. You can redeem as you earn, or bank your points for larger rewards.

What if I’m having problems with my rewards account?

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If you have any issues or questions regarding your Obie’s Rewards account, email us and we’ll look into it for you.

How do I redeem points?

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Log into your account and you’ll see what rewards are available. Simply use your reward code at checkout to save on your next order.

Can I use more than one reward per order?

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Our system only allows one coupon code per order, so If you have multiple reward codes, or other coupon codes, you will have to choose which one to use. Remember, your reward coupons don’t expire, but some of our sale and promo codes do!

I can’t find my rewards code, or my code isn’t working, what do I do?

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Contact us and we’ll help you.

How do I refer a friend?

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Referral codes are available through your Obie’s Rewards account. Click the "Obie’s Rewards" button at the bottom right of your browser to retrieve your unique referral link. Share your referral code with friends via email, Facebook or Twitter.

What do I get when I refer a friend?

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For every friend you refer to Obie’s Worms, we’ll give you a coupon code for $10 off a future order (after they place their first order).

What does my friend get when I refer them to Obie’s Worms?

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Your friend will get 20% off their first order when they use your referral link.

Why haven’t I received my reward for referring my friend?

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You will receive your reward after your friend places their first order. Make sure they use your referral link when they place their first order so our system knows to send you a reward.

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