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Meet Obie

Obie - Obie's Worms

Adopted locally, Obie the leopard gecko was the first product taster at Oberland Agriscience. Arriving in September 2017, she was one of the first occupants of our Ragged Lake pilot facility. Obie featured in many Oberland articles and press securing her place in Oberland history as our original brand ambassador.

As Oberland Agriscience prepared to launch a black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) live feeder range in May 2018, it was clear that the brand should reflect our #1 consumer - and so, Obie’s BSFL was born. Obie's name has outlived her physical presence in this mortal realm, but her expectation for a premium, responsible insect protein lives on in everything we do.

Today, Obie's BSFL range are produced in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by our parent company, Oberland Agriscience. The Oberland team is dedicated to producing a high-quality, novel protein ingredient and live feed source for insectivores (including, but not limited to, reptiles, hedgehogs, and birds), animal feed, aquafeed, and pet food. By utilizing organic by-products produced locally, we raise the black soldier fly larvae using less land, less water, and at lower carbon emissions than conventional protein ingredients.

Obie's BSFL are Atlantic Canada's premium BSFL live feeder. Available Canada-wide, we harvest and ship fresh larvae direct to your door the same day, ensuring you have the highest quality live feeder for your favourite pet.

Obie's live and whole dried BSFL are available in select pet stores across Canada. If you would like to see our products in a pet store near you, get in touch and we will do the rest!

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