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BSFL Frass

Oberland BSFL Frass

Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) frass is fantastic plant food for your lawn, household plants, greenhouses, nurseries, and urban gardens.

Derived from BSFL castings, Oberland's BSFL Frass is natural speciality fertilizer that improves the plant and soil health of household plants, home gardens, lawns, and greenhouse plants, while minimizing environmental impact.

With an N-P-K of 3-1-1, Oberland BSFL Frass is an excellent source of soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and contains bio-stimulants such as chitin.

  • All-natural and sustainably produced in Atlantic Canada
  • Improves root growth, plant health and resilience
  • Boosts organic content in your soil
  • Raises your plants natural defences against pest
Oberland BSFL Frass

Apply 1-2 tbsp per potted plant twice a year, work in 1 kg per 10m2 for turf use, 1 kg per 2.5 m2 for garden and landscape use, or mix 5 tsp per 1 litre of water to make a frass "tea" for your plants. Store in a dry place.

Note: "Tea" made from Oberland's BSFL Frass is not suitable for human consumption.

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