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How to Keep Worms Active

Keep Them Cool: (15°C - 18°C), a bit cooler than normal room temperature. Do not store worms in the fridge. They also survive in warmer temperatures, but dry out and mature more quickly. Stored like this in their original packaging, Obie's worms can be kept for up to two weeks.

Keep Them Moist: One way to do this is to put an apple slice or a raw potato slice right in the package. They will gradually eat it providing moisture and food. You can also just sprinkle a little water into the container when it starts to look dry. 

The substrate they come in is coconut coir. A gentle rinse in warm water before feeding to your pet livens them up and gets them wiggly.  When they are warm they will give your pet more of a hunting challenge 


When Obie's Worms start to darken in colour they are entering a "pre-pupae" phase (lasting approximately 5 - 7 days) of their life cycle. The darker worms are still nutritious for your pet but will gradually slow down their movements. The next phase is "pupae" (approximately 10 days) when they have a crunchy hard shell and don't move. Some hungry critters still find them a tasty snack at this stage. Within two weeks they will start to hatch as adult flies. The flies are harmless. Sometimes we even give these to Obie to hunt. 



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