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Choosing A Worm Size

Our pet & mascot Obie loves worms! You might be surprised to find out that Obie can crush up to 10 worms a day! 

Obie Crushing Worms

We offer her a variety of sizes. Sometimes she eats as many as she can in one sitting, other times she’ll stalk the largest one and be satisfied with her one big catch.

If you're wondering what size BSFL to get for your pet, our guide below should help you find the ideal worm for your insectivore.

Obie's Worms Sizes

Obie's Worms come in three sizes:

  • Small: These are 5-10 mm in length and weigh about 50 mg each.
  • Medium: Range from 10-15mm in length and weigh about 100 mg on average.
  • Large: Our large worms are 15-20 mm in length and weigh about 175 mg. 

Choosing The Best Worm Size For Your Pet

The size, type and age of your pet will help you pick out the right worm size.

Small Worms
These are awesome for little herps, like growing babies and hatchlings, small frogs, turtles etc. Obie eats these on occasion - she tends to eat quite a few in one sitting.

Medium Worms
They’re perfect for small beardies, geckos about the size of Obie and smaller lizards and reptiles. Medium worms are also great for other small animals like badgers, hedgehogs, gliders etc. Your cat and dog may love these as well!

Large Worms
These are a perfect choice if you have a large reptile, including adult 
beardies, frilled and water dragons, skinks, large chameleons, any larger lizard species. They're also great for adult hedgehogs. 


Contact us if you need help selecting a size for your pet.

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