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The International Women of Science Inside Oberland Agriscience Inc.

Niere Souza, Director of Health, Safety & Quality at Oberland Agriscience Inc.
Niere Souza feels strongly that this time in world history is vital to building a solid foundation for the future of women, and people who identify as women, in science. “Bringing attention is good, but it’s not going to change the ones that are biased. They are going to be more biased.” 
“We have to work harder now to build a more equal future,” continues Souza.
Oberland Agriscience Inc’s Director of Health, Safety & Quality, Niere's passion for the science’s began in high school in her homeland, Brazil. Niere excelled in Biology and Chemistry, and this passion led her to study nursing in university. “I saw that it wasn’t for me,” recalls Niere. “I wanted to work with the fundamentals of science.”

Pivoting course, Souza went on to graduate with a degree in Biological Sciences, followed by a Master’s in Geosciences. During the last 13 plus years of her career, Niere has gathered impressive experience with environmental monitoring and laboratory analysis. After moving to Canada in the mid twenty teens, Niere further upskilled with a quality focused business program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), as well as an Agribusiness program at the University of Saskatchewan. 

When Souza’s family moved to Nova Scotia in 2021, Niere joined the Oberland team. Niere now oversees the quality team, “We are developing a methodology for Oberland to prove the science behind the quality of our product.” 

Under Souza’s experienced and meticulous guidance, Oberland’s co-op student from Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), Sana Dhawan, is putting her passion for the field of nutrition into practice. 

“Research and development is a growing field, with a lot to explore in the area of nutrition,” explains Sana, who is completing her Master of Science – Applied Human Nutrition. “My thesis is comparing infant growth from zero to six months in Nova Scotia, looking at the difference between breast fed and bottle-fed infants.” 

Sana Dhawan, Oberland Agriscience Inc's co-op student from MSVU. Sana is completing her Master of Science - Applied Human Nutrition

Dhawan is adamant that the future of science needs more people who identify as women leading companies, being the governing body of organizations. “More women in science entrepreneurship (is important).” Sana feels that women have a lot of expected duties that men don’t have. “Basic equal division of household tasks to allow all parties time to focus on furthering their education and career” will help drive the movement of women in science. 

As she completes her placement at Oberland Agriscience Inc. Sana is working with Niere on an experiment to enhance the weight and length of the larva, further securing Oberland’s position on the world stage. 

“We are here to stay,” confirms Niere Souza, Director of Health, Quality & Safety at Oberland Agriscience Inc. 

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