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How Can BSFL be Used as a Different Animal Feed Source?

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As pet owners, we want to do everything in our power to give our friends the best lives possible. The most obvious way is through food and nutrition. Nowadays, there are so many choices of high-quality foods on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your pet, providing all the nutrients they require and promoting optimum health for them.

You may be curious about how insect larvae, specifically Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illuciens) , can be incorporated into your pet's daily diet. Believe it or not, there are quite a few ways as Obie's BSFL (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) products are a versatile feed source that appeals to many a pet's palette!

Some pet owners use Obie's BSFL as a source of protein and calcium, while others provide Obie's BSFL as a tasty snack.

Obie's Live BSFL are the Nutrient-Rich Feed Your Pet Deserves!

Photo by: Neil Kehler (@kneilius)







Obie's black soldier fly larvae are the nutrient-rich, naturally high in calcium food staple for your pet. Obie's live BSFL contain >5500 ppm calcium, and >50% protein (dry weight) making them near ideal for insectivores. Obie's BSFL also contain all the essential nutrients your insectivore needs. 

Our live grubs don’t chirp, and they don’t require dusting or gut loading. Simply feed your pet directly as part of a balanced diet.

Perfect For Birds, Reptiles, Hedgehogs or Any Insectivores Pet:


Obie’s Boost is 100% dried fine ground BSFL, great for adding into your pet’s existing food to give them extra nutrients and that bug flavour they love. Dust their favourite food for a boost of protein, calcium and phosphorus.

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