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Shipping Obie's Worms

We get a lot of questions about shipping Obie’s Worms, including why we only ship on Mondays, and why sometimes the s...

BSFL Insect Frass Tea For Your Garden

BSFL Frass tea is a great way to give your plants and garden a mid-season boost. 

Why Calcium is Important for Reptiles

Calcium is key for your reptile’s bone growth, metabolism, muscle function. Find out how Obie's BSLF stack up against other live feeders.

Choosing a BSFL Size

If you're wondering what size BSFL to get for your pet, our guide should help you find the ideal worm for your insectivore.

How to Keep Worms Active

When kept moist, cool and fed, Obie’s worms have a shelf life of up to two weeks!
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