Black Soldier Fly Larvae — The Science!

Black Soldier Fly Larvae — The Science!

The Black Soldier Fly isn’t just a reptile food that’s environmentally-friendly, toxin-free, and a sustainable source of high-value nutrients with a low environmental impact — it’s also a really cool bug!

Black Soldier Fly

Here are three totally fun facts about Black Soldier Flies:

1. They’re insanely reproductive
Black Soldier Flies can lay up to 600 - 800 eggs at one time! That’s a lot of baby larvae.

2. Their growth-rate is off the chain
After hatching, a BSF will grow to more than 15,0000 times its size in as little as two weeks. Which is basically like going from pouring the foundation to finishing a supertall skyscraper in a blink. That’s some powerful protein!

3. They never stop eating
BSF are known for their ability to devour waste. Just one square meter’s worth of BSFL can go through 15 Kilograms of waste per day. We only need about 180 square feet of flies to process a TON of organic waste per day. They’re our own personal recycling army :)

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