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BSFL Insect Frass Tea For Your Garden

Black soldier fly larvae frass is a great soil amendment to use at the beginning of your gardening season. When mixed into your soil it gives household plants, home gardens, lawns and greenhouses an extra boost of nitrogen and fosters a beneficial soil biome.

Frass tea is a great way to give your plants and garden a mid-season boost. Without the hassle of mixing frass into your soil where your plants are already growing, frass tea can used as a foliar spray or to drench roots. All you need is BSLF frass and water!

Frass Tea

  • 5 grams (or 5 tsp.) BSFL Frass
  • 1 litre water (use dechlorinated water if possible)

Mix frass and water with a spoon and let it sit overnight in your fridge.

Root Drenching

Pour frass tea into plant soil around roots with a watering can.

Foliar Spray

Spray frass tea onto leaves with spray bottle (best done early in the morning).


*Frass tea is not recommended for Blueberries or other plants that require acidic soil.

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