Choose a Worm Size

Choose a Worm Size

You might be surprised to find out that Obie can crush up to 10 worms a day!

We offer her a variety of sizes from small to medium, sometimes she eats as many as she can in one sitting, other times she’ll stalk the largest one and be satisfied with her one big catch.

The smallest-sized worms are about 50 mg average weight which is anywhere from 5–10 mm long. These are awesome for little herps, like growing babies and hatchlings, small frogs, turtles etc. Obie eats these on occasion - she tends to eat quite a few in one sitting.

Medium worms are anywhere from 10–15 mm long and weigh around 100 mg on average. They’re perfect for small beardeds, geckos about the size of Obie and smaller lizards and reptiles. They’re also great for other small animals — like badgers, hedgehogs, gliders etc (we wouldn’t be surprised if your cats and dogs enjoyed them too!).

Contact us if you need help selecting a size for your pet.