Meet Obie

Meet Obie

We love Obie and we wanted to create a sustainable, nutritious all-in-one food option for her. After a lot of work and a lot of product development (and a lot of product testing from Obie!), we launched Obie’s Worms, so other pet lovers have the same option we do!

We wanted everyone to get to know our pet Gecko, so welcome to Obie’s trading card (if Obie were on a hockey team it would probably be the Charlottetown Islanders, since she is a big fan).

Species: Leopard Gecko

Length: We don’t know (won’t sit still!)
Weight: 14.5g (for now)
Age: 1 year
Favourite meal: Obie’s Worms, medium size
Daily worm count: 5–10
Favourite part of the tank: by the pool
Favourite colour: yellow! (we think?)

Obie the Gecko; Hockey player card

We’ll keep you posted on all of Obie’s comings and goings on the blog — and of course, we’ll let you know about special discounts and offers or new products.

Thanks for choosing Obie’s Worms and see you soon :)